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Three things Pokémon Go tells us about our mobile obsession

This post is by Victoria Francis from our Digital & Social Team.

Whilst some people are spending their evenings watching TV or socialising over drinks, others are chasing Pokémon… what a time to be alive.

After an excruciating wait – if indeed you didn’t trick your phone to thinking you’re an Aussie, the game, which has taken the world by storm, has officially hit Britain TODAY – we were in need of some good news.

As well as catapulting gamers from their sofas to ‘catch ‘em all’ in the real world, much to health experts’ praise, it has also sent Nintendo’s market value skyward, adding $7.5 billion to the coffers in two days. The game is undoubtedly a global phenomenon, no news there.

What does its popularity tell us?

1. Mobile games are a time sink we can’t shake.

When we were younger, the world was a place of adventure. As we grow older we lose our sense of fairylike imagination. Pokémon Go gives us the opportunity to believe in magical stories, ultimately be a kid again, which could explain why the average daily user already spends 43 minutes on the app – that’s higher than Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp!

2. Pick up and play is a real mobile draw.

The fact that it doesn’t involve fancy headsets like virtual reality typically requires, boosts its usability, its barrier to entry is low. Pokémon Go has proven the convenience of playing it on what we’re all addicted to, our mobile.

3. Geo apps can drive us to real world places if the incentives are right.

So whilst we’re fixated on our phone trying to catch more virtual monsters, how are brands getting in on the fun? For under £10 businesses can lure consumers into their stores, making them a popular hub in a matter of hours. A pizza restaurant reportedly saw a staggering 75% increase in business after purchasing lures.

But could this be taken one step further? Pokémon Go might be introducing sponsored locations. In a similar way to cost per click on social platforms, advertisers could be charged on a cost per visit basis.

What the future holds for Pokémon ‘trainers’ and businesses over the next few weeks is still held in a Pokéball. But with the sheer scale of downloads (it has topped the charts on the iOS and Android App store), no matter its longevity, there are opportunities for brands to engage with, young and not so young monster trainers.

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