Digital Update

September was notoriously busy and things were no different in the digital world

From Twitter’s extended character limit to Netflix’s cease-and-desist letter doubling up as fantastic marketing material – how many of this month’s updates did you miss?

Twitter trials 280-character tweet limit

Whether you tweet your every movement, or bi-yearly in hope of getting a free sandwich, you’ll undoubtedly have an opinion on Twitter trialling a 280-character limit. Some are thrilled by the prospect of having more space to moan, whilst others think it detracts from its original simplicity or worry how the likes of Donald Trump will react to more characters.

First Snapchat ads shot in Spectacles

Burger King and Sainsbury’s are the first brands to shoot Snap ads entirely on Spectacles. The high-tech sunglasses that record the short videos were announced just shy of a year ago, and brands are now making use of the novelty product to create revenue. Burger King has ‘the King’ himself serving meals at a drive thru and Sainsbury’s has friends creating and sharing food together in its snappy ads. We predict these will be the first of many.

KFC VR Training

This month, KFC introduced a virtual reality escape room to teach employees how to correctly prepare and cook their deep-fried goodness. Experienced via Oculus Rift headsets, the 10-minute training is intended to supplement the existing ‘Chicken Mastery’ programme. The inventive, if not slightly creepy, video is well worth a glimpse – highlights include a distorted Colonel shouting down at you from an eerie overhead portrait.

LinkedIn launches Audience Network

LinkedIn followed in the footsteps of Facebook this month by monetising user data to grow advertising revenues. Its new service, LinkedIn Audience Network, allows advertisers to run their sponsored content adverts on third-party publishers across mobile and desktop.

Clinique bosses video ads

Clinique is well-known for its print ads often gracing the pages of glossy magazines. Recognising the growing importance of video for customer engagement, the makeup and skincare brand created bumper YouTube ads. Instead of breaking the bank by starting from scratch, they repurposed the vibrant imagery from their print ads and used the stills in these 6-second videos – resulting in a 70% lift in ad recall and 26% increase in product awareness. Sometimes it’s the simple things which are most effective.

Netflix nails cease-and-desist

If you’re planning on opening an unauthorized Stranger Things bar, be prepared to receive a witty cease-and-desist letter from Netflix as this duo in Chicago did. Littered with references to the program which is due to start its second season imminently (coincidence? We think not), the writer promises not to ‘go full Dr. Brenner’ on them but asks them not to extend the pop-up beyond its 6-week run as ‘the Demogorgon is not always as forgiving’. Netflix showcases that you can make a good thing out of something not so pleasant, reflecting positively on your brand.

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