Buzzwords from the PRCA National Conference

In a fast-moving industry like PR and communications, it’s not often you get the chance to stop, breathe, and reflect on all that’s happened and the direction we’re moving in. But the PRCA National Conference 2016, held at BAFTA, was one of those elusive opportunities to do exactly that.

Here we share the four new words and phrases you need to add to your PR vocabulary.

The four new buzz words and phrases you need to know:

1. Global Echo Chamber
ITV’s Rageh Omaar introduced this term, claiming that we shouldn’t be talking about a 24-hour news cycle any more. Instead, we can see news stories being amplified by various publications around the world in the ‘global echo chamber’. A news story might start with just one publication covering it, but as more media and influencers begin to pick it up, the more echo it gains.

2. The post-truth world
Though coined by The Economist, this was one of the buzzwords of the conference. Citing Brexit and Donald Trump as prime examples of our post-truth world. The winners are no longer those who have the facts, but whoever conveys their story most convincingly. Sian Hansen, a senior advisor at Kreab said: “we’re living in the age of dis-information.“ – this makes things a lot harder for ethical storytellers.

3. Human Relations
Urging us to put ‘human relations’ back at the heart of Public Relations, Rod Cartwright of Ketchum reminded us that successful communication all comes down to relationships between people. Listening to the public is key to developing a good relationship between brand and audience.

4. Integrated

I know, you’ve definitely heard this buzzword before, but it was still a hot topic. Calling integration “the key battleground”, Sir Martin Sorrell claimed that whilst everyone tries to be an integrated agency, not every agency can be. He put this down to agencies working in a (vertical) vacuum, with the need to work on their horizontality – something we try to achieve at Brands2Life, a truly integrated approach.

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