The Brands2Life Global team at the Web Summit in Lisbon

Lisbon – the new Silicon Valley thanks to Web Summit?

This blog post is by Fiona Goldsworthy from the Brands2Life Global team.

Anyone in the tech industry will (or should!) have heard of Web Summit, a major tech conference that has been running and growing for a few years. Started in Dublin by tech entrepreneur Paddy Cosgrave in 2010 with around 400 attendees, it is today concluding four days of inspiring talks, panel debates and tech innovation in Lisbon, having attracted more than 53,000 attendees.

Lisbon is already famous for more than surfing, but the impact of a major tech conference moving from Dublin to Portugal will be one to watch as we eagerly follow whether it sparks more tech innovation and investment in the region.

We have been on the ground meeting with tech entrepreneurs and those affiliated with the tech industry this week, while experiencing the ripple effects of an unexpected US election result and seeing the impact on the global tech industry. Stay tuned for a blog post next week with some of the most interesting takeaways – from debates with Hollywood actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, to hearing about Luis Figo and Ronaldinho’s tech investments to name a few – and, in the meantime, read more from our global partner Canela PR with offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon:

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