Don’t judge a book by its cover letter

Our Head of Recruitment, Kelly Hopkins, tells us about her experience of finding a route to a successful career without relying on her CV and how this has inspired our decision to recruit the next generation of Brands2Life interns using video.

This year our internship is back with a bang as we look to recruit another wave of the finest talent into our brilliant industry.

Last year our internship recruitment couldn’t have gone better; all seven of the interns we recruited were offered permanent contracts across our PR and digital teams. However, this year we plan to do things differently by introducing a new way of applying to the scheme – the video interview.

Now we all know video interviewing has been tried and tested for similar schemes in the past and some have been very successful, others not so. But, for us, as we look to encourage diversity amongst our team and the wider industry, it was felt CVs alone were unlikely to give us the full picture of an individual’s capabilities.

Are CVs reliable?

I’m a prime example of why CVs alone don’t always tell you the full story. I left school after completing my A-Levels to follow my then dream of becoming a veterinary nurse. I absolutely loved the job, however I also wanted to stand on my own two feet and sadly the salary back then (I won’t reveal quite how long ago this was), left it impossible for me to leave home and still afford to feed myself. So, following a stint with the ambulance service I ended up in the world of recruitment and ten years or so ago I stumbled upon the PR and digital industry where I now have a hugely rewarding and successful career. However, if you had looked at my CV when I was initially trying to get in to recruitment, you probably wouldn’t have interviewed me (many didn’t).

When it comes to finding the right candidates, we feel that a CV can’t tell us how much you want the job, or whether you are creative or more analytical in your thought process. A CV cannot show us how much awareness you have of the industry already and how hard you have worked to research our company and what a career in communications involves. A video interview can however help us see this side of you and give you the platform to show us what you can offer. It means that whether you do or don’t have a degree or relevant work experience already, you don’t get pushed aside for someone with a stronger portfolio.

Cutting the mustard

The candidates that win us over will be the ones who are prepared, who show a genuine enthusiasm and understanding of the industry and can convince us they will make the most of the opportunity should they be selected. We invest heavily in training and mentoring our interns as with all hires we make, we want you to be successful and have a brilliant experience with us – ideally one that becomes permanent too. If you can tick the boxes with or without a degree or relevant work experience on your CV, then we’ll be giving you a call!

Please visit our Opportunities section of the website for further information on our internship and how to apply.

Keep an eye out for our next blog post on interview tips and standing out from the crowd.