Autumn leaves for september's digital roundup

10 things in digital: September

As we drifted into Autumn and said goodbye to the warmer months, September was full of big updates in digital. The main social platforms made big changes – from Snapchat launching its own sunglasses that capture video, to Twitter giving you more characters. We’ve pulled together some of the biggest developments from last month in one handy roundup, along with campaigns that we liked.

Snapchat renames and launches sunglasses that record video
Snapchat announced it is changing its name to a snappier ‘Snap’ to accommodate its extended offering beyond the messaging app. But, if you thought a whole new rebrand was big, the company has also revealed a new product called ‘Spectacles’ – video recording sunglasses that allow users to record 10 second video bursts, which can then be uploaded automatically onto Snapchat via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Hard-hitting social campaign highlights the dangers of addiction
On the surface, Louise Delage looks like your average Insta-famous Parisian, raking in a 16.6k following in mere months with her endless photos of travelling, dining out and extravagant parties. But look closer: Louise appears to never be without a drink, and now Addict Aide have confirmed that she is in fact part of a campaign to highlight exactly how hard it can be to detect addiction. Few people noticed the trap – which just seems to hammer home the charity’s message.

Twitter’s longer tweets are here
Community managers worldwide rejoice. Twitter has finally made the step into allowing longer tweets, with media attachments included in its famous 140-character limit. By relaxing the rule which has defined Twitter from the beginning, the extra room for text will give users more flexibility when composing their messages. Another new addition is that usernames will no longer count when they are at the beginning of replies.

Heineken’s cool new HR campaign
Heineken are known for their innovative consumer marketing campaigns, so it’s great to see the same level of creativity and playfulness in an HR campaign. The company’s new ‘Go Places’ interactive website, aimed at potential employees, took over one and half years to build! The site’s nifty localisation throughout left us feeling impressed – the clock you are presented with at the beginning shows your local time, meanwhile the food references throughout are local to your market. If you’re watching in Mexico, you’ll see empanadas; if watching in Vietnam you’ll see noodle soup!

Twitter adds ‘responsiveness’ button
Twitter now allows businesses to display response time and hours of availability on their profiles. This update is the latest in a series of changes Twitter has made in the last year to improve its commitment to businesses and customer service on the platform. Brands can also choose to display their hours of availability so Twitter users know when they are most likely to receive a response.

Trump vs. Clinton debate smashes social records
The Trump vs. Clinton US presidential debate became the most tweeted debate ever, with Trump generating 1.8K social mentions per minute, and Clinton 1.4K. Searches relating to the candidates during the 90-minute face-off were tracked on Google Trends, resulting in some interesting graphs that give insight into issues close to the voters’ hearts.

Everyone can now have a Twitter moment
Nearly a year after releasing Moments, Twitter has finally opened the channel to all users – possibly spurred by Instagram’s recent Stories launch. The announcement was made on Wednesday via a tweet accompanied by a video, guiding users on how to create their own customised moment. For now, however, the feature is only available on desktop but will be rolled out on mobile in the near future.

Burberry launches Facebook chatbot
Burberry gave its customers access to buy their newest collection immediately after the show came to an end at London Fashion Week. The iconic British brand created a Facebook messenger bot which enabled anyone with access to a browser (and a few thousand pounds) to ‘shop now’, view products in more detail, learn the story behind the collection and even watch the show in real time.

Instagram hits 500,000 advertisers
Instagram announced this month it has hit more than 500,000 advertisers, more than doubling the total since February. Over 1.5 million companies have converted to business profiles since its launch in July. The social media platform owned by Facebook only introduced ads last September, but an estimated 1 billion actions have already been taken through ads over the last year.

SpotiCloud? SoundyFy?
Music streaming giant Spotify is in advanced talks to buy SoundCloud, as competition heats up with Apple for the future of digital music. The news comes just months after SoundCloud announced it was entering the world of paid music streaming by launching ‘Go’ in March. Combining SoundCloud’s 175 million users and Spotify’s 100 million active users will certainly give Apple Music even stronger competition.

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