Brands2Life Tech Trends Event

Chaired by Brands2Life’s MD Business and Technology, Dan Chappell, the panellists included Rory Cellan-Jones, the technology Correspondent for the BBC, Jonathan Margolis, from the Financial Times’ How to Spend It, Murad Ahmed, technology writer for The Times, and Bede McCarthy from the Financial Times. The discussions were wide ranging, from the battle for smart phone domination to digital graveyards and cyber-attacks to Big Data. It was predicted that 2013 would see consistency as well as change; despite the hype around tablets it is clear that everyone still uses qwerty keyboards to write, even Siri isn’t quite good enough to replace this 19th century invention , and the unstoppable rise of the app is unlikely to stop as personal assistance apps hit the UK soon. Agreement was reached among the panellists on mobile payments; the general consensus being that there remains little demand for this banking infrastructure in Western markets. However, as the year progresses we will notice subtle shifts occurring: open source development will become less popular whilst Chinese companies become more and more dominant in Western markets.

The event proved a fascinating insight into what the future holds in a constantly evolving sector, with a lively debate from all involved.

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