Blu-Ray: Ultra HD Blu-ray discs microsite


We were tasked with educating mainstream consumers about the benefits of the brand new Ultra HD Blu-ray format. To achieve this, we wanted to move away from the tech specs and industry jargon that can dominate conversations about Ultra HD, and build an interactive site that really showed consumers why they should take notice of the format. By visualising key facts and allowing users to compare Ultra HD Blu-ray with technology from previous generations, we were able to demonstrate the capabilities of the format in a consumer-friendly, shareable way.


With the base concept of an infographic, we built a fully responsive one page microsite which included animations, intersections, single page design and embeddable sections. The site allowed consumers to directly see how the new format’s benefits, including 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range, would make a difference to their home entertainment experience, educating them and driving them to purchase.


The microsite was a great success, being picked up by a number of tech and entertainment focused publications from around the world, including TechRadar, ZDNet, Le Figaro and Den of Geek.

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