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Idea to Impact

We have always developed and delivered great PR campaigns. In the past, sometimes, once we’d done them, our client would say “That was so good - we should have adapted that idea for our big show or our advertising campaign.” We didn’t want to hear that again.

So we developed our From Idea to Impact campaign planning and implementation methodology. This approach gives us the ‘glue’ that binds together our multi-disciplinary campaigns and provides the common language for our clients and staff.

Based on a four step process – Insight, Idea, Integrate, Impact – the methodology ensures that we come up with world-beating ideas and campaigns and client teams in all departments and all around the world get the chance to use the idea and content for their own purposes.

In a world where comms teams are wrestling with the challenge of executing truly integrated campaigns, we think we have the answer.


We don’t rely on assumptions or visceral instincts when it comes to understanding a communications task. We get close to the people that matter to understand what impacts them. From spending time in the shop, to trawling through online forums or visiting a user group, we invest the time to find out exactly what is needed to bring your brand to life. We’re always looking for the insight no-one else has found.


We carefully distil down discoveries to reach the killer insight that inspires a crowd-stopping idea. Using a series of filters from brand fit and emerging trends to audience touchpoints, we determine the most powerful channels and execution strategy. Then we put in place a truly integrated plan that focuses on delivering the best possible, most sustained return-on-investment possible.

This is the point when we socialise the campaign concepts all across the organisation so we are able to adapt the raw materials for all kinds of usage – internal comms, marketing, events.


We have multiple skill-sets under one roof – PR, digital, social, marketing, public affairs, sponsorship and internal comms. Our clients have many more besides them. Our goal is bring all these together in one integrated campaign so that they’re more than the sum of their parts.


Then our teams go to work. And, as our customer satisfaction survey results demonstrate, we are more committed to results than any other agency. We commit to the metrics that matter – media coverage, increased web traffic, Twitter followers and, increasingly, sales leads – for every campaign. We meet – and beat – them time and again.

For us – and our clients - Business Impact is everything.