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Science before art: the best creative work is built on data-driven insights. We combine our in-depth market and media knowledge with our insight and research tools to inform our strategic and creative planning. Our in-house team of experts, drawn from the world of advertising and digital marketing, take an audience-first approach to find the insights that make a programme or campaign cut-through.


It is not always clear which marketing and communications techniques are best to solve a particular business opportunity or challenge. So we work closely with our clients marketing and communications teams to refine the brief and develop the strategy. Because our work extends beyond media and influencer relations to employee engagement and customer acquisition we’re able to develop multi-channel, often multi-country plans.

Increasingly we’re interested in pushing our clients to get the following elements right:

  • How brave do you need/want to be?
  • Have you got the right balance of internal and external engagement?
  • How integrated can you be across your channels and audiences?
  • Do you have business, as well as comms, metrics and can you access the right data?


We’re proud to have been associated with some great brand stories in recent years and our contribution typically works at two levels. Over the long-term we work closely with our clients to develop and evolve the narrative arc that informs all our programmes and campaigns. As the business and market develops we need to make sure the brand narrative remains fresh and relevant to keep staff motivated and customers loyal.

On an on-going basis our creative story-telling ensures that there is a constant flow of engaging, on-brand stories keeping the brand top of the media agenda, front-of-mind for the consumer and high up the Google rankings.

Through our ideation process we develop outline ideas and campaign concepts. These are then worked through a series of filters from brand fit through emerging trends to audience touch points, so we can determine the most powerful channels and execution strategy to make the idea really fly.


Content and creativity at Brands2Life comes with a very clear purpose – to provide a compelling brand communications platform that lifts our client above the crowd and resonates with the target audience and media.

Across our varied client base our content approach takes many forms. A number of our clients use as a ‘content factory’ where we deliver a stream of creative content for use across all their social channels. Many of our clients rely on us to do paid-social and, for some, our remit extends to TV and ATL. With an in-house studio of designers and developers – and a network of best-in-class specialists - we’re able to produce high-quality work fast.

And when your story needs that ‘stand-out’ moment we’ll be there with the big idea: whether it’s the world’s largest bouncy castle by the Thames or a thought-leadership campaign that hits all the business media across Europe. Experiential, PR, digital and social – we’ll integrate it so that it delivers way more than the sum of its parts.


Consumers are increasingly savvy, perhaps even cynical, when it comes to marketing so brands need to communicate in ever-more sophisticated ways if they want to drive consideration and preference. One-way ‘broadcasting’ is dead – interactivity and authenticity are everything. Our teams are trained to integrate socially-driven customer communications with more traditional media and influencer relations.

Today some of the most significant brand influencers don’t fit into a category: they just live and breathe their subject. We help our clients find those ‘mavens’ and ‘connectors’ and then we facilitate those brand conversations.

Because there’s a whole eco-system of influencers who guide public opinion we’ve built a multi-disciplinary capability with expertise and contacts across the whole spectrum from celebrity gurus and sports stars through analyst and experts to politicians and industry associations.


More and more of our campaign deliver business impact, whether that is footfall, funding, click-throughs, sign-ups or lead gen, as well as brand awareness and preference. As we like to say, at Brands2Life budgets have to work twice as hard: once for brand, once for business.

Our customer satisfaction survey results demonstrate we are more committed to results than any other agency. We’ll commit to the metrics that matter – media coverage, increased web traffic, Twitter followers, even, sales leads – for every campaign. Then we meet – and beat - them time and again.

For us, for our clients: Business Impact is everything.