From Idea to Impact
Building campaigns for the digital age

We lift our clients’ brands above the crowd across all communications channels using our From Idea to IMPACT campaign methodology. The four module approach – Discover, Design, Digitise and Deliver – enables us to gain insight into clients, their markets and customers that others don’t. These unique insights drive ideas which can be readily used for internal comms, digital marketing and social media as well as PR.

Digitise and Deliver happen in tandem. Social and traditional walk hand-in-hand. Our campaigns don’t just engage with media and influencers, but customers, partners and other stakeholders as well.

Whatever the campaign Brands2Life take a distinctive development and execution approach which ensures we deliver the results clients need and more: From Idea to IMPACT.

Each element needs to be in place for an outstanding campaign – from developing a hard-hitting brand message or a brilliant idea, through to creative and flawless execution both on – and offline.

We don’t rely on assumptions or visceral instincts when it comes to understanding a communications task. We get close to the people that matter to clients to understand what impacts them. From spending time in the shop, to trawling through online forums or visiting a user group, we invest the time to find out exactly what is needed to bring your brand to life.

We carefully distil down discoveries to reach the killer insight that inspires a crowd-stopping idea. Using a series of filters from brand fit and emerging trends to audience touch points, we determine the most powerful channels and execution strategy.

Every single one of our people lives and breathes digital and social media, and, supported by a team of digital content specialists, work to devise integrated campaigns that pack a punch online/offline.

Brands2Life’s mantra is Expect More. We commit to the metrics that matter – media coverage, increased web traffic, Twitter followers or, increasingly, sales leads – for every campaign. We meet – and beat – them time and again.